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Eating Disorder Dietitian, Stacie Frey, in Grande Prairie
My Story

Hi, I'm Stacie Frey.  I've been a Registered Nutritionist practicing in Grande Prairie, Alberta and area for 15 years.  I use a non-diet approach to help clients take steps toward recovery from chronic dieting, emotional eating, disordered eating and eating disorders.  

I've walked alongside many individuals as they work towards their food freedom.  My approach is addressing dysfunctional food beliefs  and disordered eating practices with practical education and grace.  I strive to guide each client toward a flexible, aware,  and relaxed way of eating through improved food relationships and mindful nutrition.  

If you are interested in discussing a healthy change for your life, please feel free to reach out! I offer individual and family consults and am available in person, over the phone or virtually.


If you are curious, but not sure if you're ready to book a consult, call me to chat! I would love to help in any way I can and discovery calls are always free.


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