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Speaking Engagements

Looking for Something Different?

You have the option of choosing from existing topics or we can work together to create an option which fits your unique needs. 


Finding Freedom with Food: You are fearfully and wonderfully made

This 60 minute talk is for anyone who is tired of the diet culture message about food rules and that there is something wrong with their body and wants to know the truth about what God says about what we eat and who we are.    

We will discuss:

  • Diet culture and how it influences the way we feel about ourselves

  • Common disguises of disordered eating

  • The influence of social media on the development of an eating disorder

  • Biblical perspectives on body shape and size, appearance, guilt and shame, and what non-disordered eating looks like.  

Ideal Audience: Recovery programs, women’s groups, youth groups

People on planet earth


Ditch the Diet: Learning to live free from diet culture

During this 60 minute talk we will discuss diet culture, how it is making us sick and how we can eat differently and heal our bodies. 

We will discuss:

  • What diet culture is and how it is making our society sick

  • Disordered eating-it's common disguises and negative effects

  • The difference between disordered eating and an eating disorder

  • Why diets don't work

  • What is normal eating and how to improve your relationship with food

Ideal Audience: Individuals 12 and up, workplace wellness groups


Diet Free Generation: Teaching kids to eat well and love their bodies

Whether we wanted it or not, we are all shaped by diet culture.  This 60 minute presentation will discuss how diet culture has influenced us, how that messaging gets passed down and effects the next generation, and how we can change our message and help the kids in our lives to live a freer life than we had. 

We will discuss:

  • What diet culture is and how it effects our daily lives

  • Disordered eating and how it is socially accepted

  • Your nutrition messaging: well-meaning comments and actions that cause harm

  • Normal eating and how to model and teach it to the next generation

Ideal Audience: Parents, parents to be, grandparents, teachers, anyone with kids in their care


Nutrition for the Win: Fueling for athletic performance

This 60 minute presentation educates athletes, parents and coaches on diet culture, what an athlete really is, the damaging messages of social media, and how to fuel for optimal athletic performance. 

We will discuss:

  • Diet culture and how it influences the way we feel about ourselves

  • What is an athlete and an athletic body

  • How social media effects our thinking

  • Socially acceptable disordered eating and its effects on athletic performance

  • How to fuel for optimal sport performance

Ideal Audience: Athletes, parents and coaches


Strength in Support: Building eating disorder skills for personal trainers

This 60 minute presentation will equip you to identify clients with disordered eating and potential eating disorders, teach you what to say and what not to say, and how to best support these clients.  You will learn how to be a safe person for clients living with disordered eating and eating disorders and know what to avoid to prevent spreading diet culture messaging.

Ideal Audience: Personal trainers


Eating Disorder Essentials: A health professional's guide to effective intervention

During this 45 minute presentation we will discuss diet culture and how our own biases influence how we treat our clients, the difference between disordered eating and an eating disorder, signs of an eating disorder, the treatment team and your role in eating disorder care.

Ideal Audience: Health care professionals: physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians, mental health therapists




I'd love to talk talk to you more about your group and how we can customize a presentation.  Please contact me here.

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