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If you're stuck, I can help!   We can refine healthy food behaviours and work through challenges to build new habits and skills.  You can learn how to confidently fuel your body and incorporate meaningful movement while removing guilt and shame from eating and lifestyle choices.  

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Initial Nutrition Consultation

A 60-70 minute one to one visit that includes a thorough assessment of your eating patterns, health history, blood work, medications, lifestyle and goals. We'll start digging into the "why" behind your eating.


Investment: $175


Follow-up Nutrition Consultation

During your 60 minute follow up visits we'll explore your food history and work on goals to improve health outcomes like normalized eating pattern, reduction in food fears, improved body image and restoration of a biologically healthy body weight (if underweight).

Investment: $150


Family Nutrition Consultation

A 60 minute co-appointment with family and client to learn how to support their loved one on their food journey.

Investment: $150


Group Presentations

Presentations are available for a variety of groups and are tailored to individual needs.  For more information go to Public Speaking | ED Nutritionist GP (

Investment: Customized


Menu Review and Approval

If you need a menu reviewed to meet supportive living accommodation licensing regulations, look no further.  Nutritional and menu requirements will be reviewed, with specific guidance for each menu.  An approval letter will be provided once the menu meets the accommodation standards.  

Investment: Customized

In Alberta, a "Registered Dietitian" and a "Registered Nutritionist" are one and the same.  Our services are covered by many extended health care plans. Please consult your plan to determine your coverage.  
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